Dental IQ Test


1. Which type of sugar causes dental decay?

A. Candies, chocolate, cookies.

B. Soda

C. Fruits

2. Which photo has dental "cavities"?

A. B.

3. What do healthy gums look like?

A. Red, puffy and bleeding.

B. Pink, firm and not bleeding.

4. Which filling material causes microscopic fractures?

A. Amalgam or "silver fillings"

B. Composite or "Tooth-colored fillings"

5. Which can cause bad breath?

A. Gum disease

B. Dry mouth

C. well- fitting crowns and veneers


1. All of the above.

All kinds of sugar can cause tooth decay. Refined sugar in soda and candies are more harmful to teeth than natural sugar found in fruits. Limit intake of sugary food and drinks and avoid constant snacking. 

2. Photo A, Cavity-causing bacteria feed on sugar and produce acid that causes dental caries or "cavities".

The sticky film of bacteria called plaque feeds on the sugar and produces acid. When acid stays on the tooth surface for a long period of time, it causes the breakdown of the tooth structure called dental caries or "cavities". Brushing three times a day, flossing once a day and regular dental visits are essential to prevent cavities.

3. B. Healthy gums are pink, firm and not bleeding. 

Bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease. If your gums bleed, call us to make an appointment.

4. A. Amalgam or "silver fillings"

Dental "Silver Filling" or dental amalgam filling is made of metal that include Mercury, Silver, Tin and Copper. When you eat or drink hot and cold food and beverages, this makes the Mercury contract or expand putting pressure on the tooth and can eventually cause fatigue cracks. These cracks weaken the tooth and make it prone to fracture.

5. A and B 

Gum disease, dry mouth, leaky fillings and ill-fitting crowns are possible causes of bad breath. Call Bella Smiles Dental Care for a screening.

Call us now at 619-46BELLA and make a New Patient appointment to claim your prize. 

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